The slot appeared in the catalogues of famous online casinos in 2020. Thanks to its easy navigation, stylish design and stable winnings, the software product from provider Spribe quickly became popular.

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Spribe (Georgia)

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Soft is available to users who will install an online casino application

Aviator slot can be found in the assortment of gambling offers of different virtual clubs. To get the winnings, you just need to register, make a deposit and study the rules of the slot machine.

Official Site Aviator - Aviator Money Game


Aviator is a slot machine with an unfamiliar algorithm. Unlike standard programmes, a fan of the genre will not be a passive observer. It is necessary to determine the right moment to end the round and get on your deposit the entire accumulated bank.

The slot would have been presented by the developer in 2020. The first users appreciated the simplicity of the game, as well as the opportunity to rip off a big score. An additional advantage is the possibility of using bonuses, as well as participation in regular promotions. The main thing is to choose a reliable gambling establishment. Each online casino offers a special range of incentives.

Beginners should familiarise themselves with the interface of the software product. At the bottom of the navigation bar is located, on which "fixed" the main components of the control. These include buttons for launching, withdrawal, betting, etc. Additional tools are elements for selecting the automatic mode.

In the central area there is a scale-game field. Vertical lines have special coefficients. They are multiplied by the initial bet and thus form the final winnings.

The slot has a lot of additional features. These include the following:

  1. In-game chat. Here fans of the game Aviator communicate. Professionals can recommend to novice visitors a special strategy, suggest the moment to make a bet, etc.
  2. Statistics. For the convenience of gamblers created a separate section, which contains a set of information about all past rounds. Thus, the user can find out the moment of triggering the highest odds and other important data that will increase the chances of winning.
  3. Bonuses. Some platforms offer general gifts for registration, app installation and other actions. These bonuses can be used, including in Aviator. At the same time, individual platforms periodically hold favourable promotions for Aviator fans.

You can find out about the upcoming event in advance. It is necessary to regularly check the news section or subscribe to the mailing of relevant messages from the administration.

What is Aviator?


Before you start the first round, you need to study all the features of the slot, as well as the rules. The algorithm of actions that can bring to the deposit account a large kush, is presented below:

  1. Pass registration in the system of the virtual club. It is important to choose a reliable platform that has a licence from a verified regulator.
  2. Find the machine in the list of the main offers of the institution. Some online casinos try to save the visitor's time. In this regard, the slot Aviator occupies a separate category of the main menu. You just need to click on the name of the category.
  3. Select the amount of the bet. The minimum bet is 10 rupees.
  4. Click on the start button. Users can also set the automatic mode. In this case, the process will start without the participation of the gambler.
  5. Follow the movement of the aircraft and make a cashout in time.

The object on the screen will cross the divisions specially scale. Each line - multiplier. The more divisions will overcome the aircraft, the better for the player. The final bank is formed by multiplying the multiplier by the initial con. In this case, if the user can not stop the flight in time, the prize fund will "burn". In order not to miss the moment of cashout, you can use automatic withdrawal.


Users can choose any virtual club that added the Aviator slot to its catalogue of gambling software. Such sites at the moment are:

The user of the net-internet can choose a suitable platform for registration independently. It is important to be guided not only by beautiful advertising. It is necessary to study the terms of cooperation, get acquainted with the licence, and also study the reviews from regular visitors. After that, you can go through authorisation and try to activate, as well as win back the welcome bonus. The first week of interaction will clearly demonstrate the correctness of the choice. In this regard, you can pass registration at once in several clubs and compare their services in practice.

On which site to play in Aviator?


The slot machine is available in the online format. All a gambler needs is a computer gadget, as well as stable access to the Internet. In this case, the player will not have to worry that the process of launching the aircraft can interrupt at the most inopportune moment.

Beginning customers experienced users recommend not to start the first game for real money. Demo mode is available to such gamblers. Run the slot in this format can any visitor to the site regardless of his herd of co-operation, balance status, as well as the presence of an activated account.

The game in the demo version will be played for virtual money. The number of such free coins in demo-Aviator is virtually unlimited. In this regard, users can spend a huge amount of time playing their favourite machine and at the same time practice. With the help of demo mode can also be tested in practice a large number of tactics and eventually choose the most effective.

Play in Aviator online can be on any official site of virtual casino. If for one reason or another the client faced a blocking of the portal, you need to choose an alternative version of the resource. Such an option can be a working mirror, as well as an adapted mobile version.


Versatility is one of the most important advantages of the apparatus. The original software allows you to bet with smartphones, tablets and other modern devices. Access to the network in this case is not crucial.

Beginning gamblers should take into account that it will not be possible to download a separate Aviator software to a computer device. Run the aircraft and make withdrawals can only people who have found the actual download data and then installed a special application from a particular gambling establishment.

Software, regardless of the name of the online casino is located in the network absolutely free of charge. Find it on the official website of the club, third-party information sites, social networks, forums, etc. the easiest option - enter the name of the site phrase "download the application Aviator" in the search bar of the browser.

After the actual installation data are found, it remains to perform the following sequence:

  1. Change the parameters of the pocket device. To do this, just go to the settings section and allow your handheld device to accept any information from previously unknown sources. Otherwise, a potential software user may see an error message on the screen.
  2. Confirm your consent to download online casino data.
  3. Start the installation process. This procedure will go quickly if the client portal will listen to the recommendations of the operating system of the gadget.

As soon as the installation process is completed, you can launch the application and go to your account. You can create a profile in advance or go registration through the programme. The steps of the procedure will remain unchanged.

The software is currently available to users of iPhone gadgets, as well as Android. At the same time, in the corresponding section of the official website of the online casino you can find software for different models. The list is constantly updated.


The slot has two modes of use. The first is free. Demo version is available without registration and deposit. Customers who intend to win real money must register, as well as replenish the deposit account.

Many platforms offer several authorisation options. The most common ones are:

The process in any case will not take more than 5 minutes. After selecting the profile activation tool, it will remain to fill out a small welcome form. The data that the client specifies must correspond to reality.

As soon as the gamer makes a login to his profile, he will be left to enter the balance of funds. The minimum amount is an individual indicator, which depends on the club's policy. After the money is credited - you can start betting.

Aviator for money


Get a win in the slot Aviator manages not immediately. In order not to risk in vain and increase your chances, it is recommended to use one of the tactics developed by experts.

Most of the methods are based on probability theory and statistical analysis of the Aviator game algorithms. The most popular ones are presented below:

  1. Single bets. The strategy has a second name - "tactics of small risks". This option is most often chosen by novice fans of slot machines. The essence is to make small bets and withdrawal of cache on the indicator up to x1.5. This technique will help to learn more about the slot and do not spend a lot of money at the same time.
  2. Double launch. This strategy requires the attention of the service user. It is necessary to send two objects into flight at once. The first ends the movement on a multiplier x1.5. The second can be kept on the playing field longer. It is he who will bring most of the winnings on deposit. The task of the first, in turn - to compensate for the cost of both bets.
  3. High-risk strategy. Requires some experience, but it can bring a really big win on the balance. Bets should be made rarely. Approximate interval - from 1 to 1.5 hours. It is with this frequency that the aircraft reaches an index of x100 and more.

If desired, the gambler can develop his own unique strategies for playing Aviator. To do this, it is enough to study the statistical section and trace certain patterns in the triggering of multipliers, etc. Already created tactics can be found on third-party information portals, official slot sites, etc.



"The first time I paid attention to the Aviator completely by accident. Discussed with an acquaintance on the forum of new slot machines. He and advised Aviator. Very liked the simplicity, as well as the ability to bet on the basis of strategy. Now I practically do not play other games."


"I have heard a lot of positive reviews about the game Aviator. In the end I decided to try my luck. I have not regretted it. A great programme for those who are bored with standard "one-armed bandits. Do not just press the button and hope to win. Slot attracts attention and constantly keeps in tension. The more pleasant to get on deposit deserved winnings."


"I often play exactly in Aviator, analogues did not like. None of them managed to surpass the original. I note the stylish design, the ability to communicate with like-minded people via chat, as well as large multipliers. Even with a minimum bet of 10 rupees, you can get 5 thousand on your account."

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